UCRNN General Assembly

http://sumodatekstil.com/honey/zakladki-fen-kiev.html The General Assembly of members constitutes the supreme decision making body of the network and approves policy proposals by the Board of Directors.

go to link It is also the decision making body of the Network.

The General Assembly meets at least once in twelve months. The members are given a notice of at least 14 days in writing to attend the General Assembly.

The notice specifies the date, time, place and agenda of the Assembly.Quorum is a quarter of the fully paid up members.

Functions of the General Assembly are:-

  • To draw up the general policy framework for UCRNN and agree on priority issues
  • To receive and approve the minutes of the previous annual general meeting
  • To receive the Chairperson’s report
  • To receive and approve the annual report of the network.
  • To receive and approve the treasurer’s report.
  • To receive and approve planned activities for the ensuing year
  • and to elect members to the Executive Committee.
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